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Miracles of Our Lady
of Soufanieh
Fr. Robert J. Fox
A “New Voice” from Damascus
In the modest district of Soufanieh in Damascus Syria, near
the heart of the place where St. Paul was struck down by a blinding
light from heaven, and there converted and baptized, today in our
own times, new light is shining.
In this book, “Light from the East,” author, Father Robert J.
Fox tells of marvels: exudations of oil, apparitions, ecstasies, messages,
visions, stigmata, bodily and spiritual cures, with doors of a family
open to all.
A light from heaven is shining again - calling all peoples of
the world to unite as one in Jesus Christ. The author relates the call
of heaven for unity, love, holiness in our families as a prerequisite for
Christian Unity. Light from the East has been shining in recent years
ever more brightly at Damascus, its Soufanieh Community at the
Virgin’s House.
There is a great need for both understanding and apprecia-
tion between the East and the West, between Orthodox and Catholic
A testimonial to this book from the East
“Your testimony about Soufanieh bears great significance. It
appears at a crucial time in history. Mary, the Virgin, is the Mother
from the East, whom God chose, excluding all other women, in order
to open locked doors in both the East and the West so as to form
one human family…
“One of the most amiable aspects of this [book] is your dis-
course about the Mother Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh, that is, the
Icon of Our Lady of Kazan upon which the Soufanieh Icon is based.
What you have written has great dimensions, at the Church level, the
ecumenical level and the level of faith in general.”
“I do beseech Our Lord Jesus, with the mediation of Our
Virgin Mother, to make this testimony of your book a new voice to
awaken those who got drowned in the delusion of this world. This
book reflects the sensitivity needed now.”
(Above excerpts from this Book’s Introduction by Fr. Elias Zahlaoui -
Our Lady of Damascus Church, Syria. He has been associated with
the happenings of Soufanieh from the beginning.)






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Miracles of Our Lady
of Soufanieh
Fr. Robert J. Fox

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Table of Contents
Dedication ........................................................................................ iv
Prayer to Our Lady of Soufanieh ....................................................
Preface: Light from the East—in the Arab World .......................... vii
Introduction ...................................................................................... ix
Chapter 1. Overview of the “Pearl of the East” ..............................
Chapter 2. Historic Syria, Christians, Muslims and Mary .............. 27
Chapter 3. Signs of the Finger of God Here .................................. 37
Chapter 4. Transfer of the Icon and Healings.................................. 75
Chapter 5. Interview with Fr. Elias Zahlaoui, an Apostle
of Soufanieh ........................................................................ 87
Chapter 6. Interviews with Myrna and the Soufanieh Family ........ 123
Chapter 7. The Family Is Called to be a Domestic Church............ 153
Chapter 8. Interviews with Hierarchy in Damascus ........................ 171
Chapter 9. Our Lady of Kazan, Fatima and Soufanieh .................. 185
Chapter 10. Messages Given to Myrna Nazzour from Jesus Christ and
the Virgin Mary .................................................................. 203
Chapter 11. Soufanieh Is for Now and the Future .......................... 227
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I dedicate this book, written for Christian unity—for love and unity
among all Christians and of each family in Jesus Christ—to the Holy
Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I pray that in some way this book can be
a voice to re-echo the call of heaven for such love and unity upon earth.
May all Christians hear this heavenly call for love and unity. “Yet not
for these only do I pray, but for those also who through their word are to
believe in me, that all may be one, even as You, Father, in me and I in You;
that they also may be one in us, so that the world may believe that You have
sent me” ( John 17:20-22).
May the millions of dear people who profess the religion of Islam, and
who also have a love for the Virgin Mother Mary, come soon into union
with their Christian brothers and sisters.
Finally, I dedicate this book to my sister, Catherine Fox Hrabe, 89, the
news of whose death, August 12, 2002, was received just as this book was
completed and I was writing its dedication. She was my Godmother, the
oldest in a family of eight children. She was always an example of love and
kindness to all and an inspiration to me, as to our brothers and sister, her
children and grandchildren. She always showed the greatest interest in my
work as a priest and my efforts at Catholic journalism. Now she joins our
mother and father, Susie Emma Lorentz, Aloysius J. Fox, and her husband,
Elmer Hrabe.
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Chapter. # Name v
Prayer to Our Lady of Soufanieh
Virgin Mary, Mother of God and men,
Blessed are You to have accepted for the first time in the History of
Salvation, a Mission in the heart of the Arab World.
Blessed are You to have chosen Damascus as a home, to gather your
children who come from the five continents, to remind them of
the Gospel of your Son Jesus and to listen to Him.
Blessed is your Son Jesus to have chosen at the end of a century full of
hate, violence and murder (and at the end of a millennium with
many divisions) to unveil to the whole world, as previously to St.
Paul, the fascinating face of our God who is Love, Dignity and
Jesus, Mary,
Blessed are You to have chosen Myrna, a simple and young Arab,
without much culture, to manifest Your Love that surpasses all
Blessed are you to have blessed the love of Myrna and Nicolas her
husband, and their children, Miriam and John Emmanuel, in
order to tell us again, at the end of a century (and end of a
millennium) which experienced a systematic destruction of the
Family and of Life, that Love is God Himself sealing the love
between man and wife, and that the child is simply a Gift from
Blessed are you to remind us in this modest district of Soufanieh in
Damascus through this rosary of marvels such as exudations of
oil, apparitions, ecstasies, messages, visions, stigmata, bodily and
spiritual cures, with doors open to all, through continuous prayer
in humility and gratuitousness; Blessed are you for your joint
Presence, so powerful yet so discreet and loving, which is always
the same, yesterday, today and forever.
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Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
Lord Jesus,
Blessed are you for your presence in the Arab world, welcoming yet so
unrecognized, and where miraculously survives this little tena-
cious and living remnant of Your first Church.
Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and men, make us worthy to
announce intelligently and courageously, Your Son’s name, and to
deserve the Mission with which You entrusted us.
[Prayer by Fr. Elias Zahlaoui]
About the Author
Fr. Robert J. Fox has long been recognized as a Catholic writer on
Catholic doctrine, church history, catechisms and apologetics. Before
founding the Fatima Family Apostolate and becoming editor of the
Immaculate Heart Messenger magazine which is printed both in the United
States and in the Philippines, the author had been a columnist for the
National Catholic Register, regular writer for Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic
Twin Circle
, and many other Catholic publications. He now presents to us
a new voice and some deeper insights into the miracles of Soufanieh and
what Jesus and Mary are saying today in the land of early Christianity. Fr.
Fox traveled to Damascus to present firsthand the fruit of his research.
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Chapter. # Name vii
Light from the East—in the Arab World
T SEEMED HARDLY coincidental that months before I
departed for Damascus, Syria, I chose September 11, 2001, to
be in flight there. I would spend time at an ideal Christian
Community of Soufanieh that has developed in the midst of Muslim land.
For the first time in 2000 years, in the Arab world, in the very area where St.
Paul the Apostle was converted and baptized, from where he went to convert
the world to be one in Jesus Christ, our Blessed Mother, the “Virgin,” has
come to manifest her presence with a special mission. Miracles have been
happening there since 1982. It is heaven’s call for love and unity.
I was urged to write a book on Soufanieh. I would not do so without
first-hand experience of the area. I needed to get to know the people direct-
ly involved. It is important for you to read the Introduction to this book by
Fr. Elias Zahlaoui, who teaches at the University in Damascus and has been
associated with the Soufanieh events from the beginning. He is presently
pastor of Our Lady of Damascus Church there, and is considered the
Catholic priest in Syria at present most reliable on Soufanieh. I needed to
interview Church authorities, both the Orthodox and Catholic. The
Nazzour family at the center of the Soufanieh supernatural phenomenon
has a Melkite-rite Catholic mother, Myrna, and Orthodox father, Nicolas.
I was in Damascus, Syria, for a week, each day as a guest at the Virgin’s
House of Soufanieh. I was always made welcome by Nicolas and Myrna
Nazzour and the broader Soufanieh family as they gathered each evening
for prayer and for the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
I had many interviews with people and authorities knowledgeable
about Soufanieh. These included His Holiness, Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka
I, the Syrian Orthodox Prince Patriarch of Antioch; also, Gregoire III,
Patriarch of Melkite Catholics; Archbishop Dionysius Behnam Jajjawi,
Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese; Fr. Elias Zahlaoui, associated with
Soufanieh from the beginning and who was an invaluable resource for me
in preparing this book.
I met also with Fr. Boulos Fadel, Myrna’s present spiritual director suc-
ceeding Fr. Malouli, and whom Fr. Zahlaoui recognized years ago would be
valuable for the Soufanieh mission. I found great cooperation from all, includ-
ing the friends of the local Soufanieh community. The love that flowed
between all these people, the spirit of unity, was evident.
The Virgin Mother told Myrna in 1982 to open the doors of their
home to all. I observed the Virgin’s House of Soufanieh, which is also the
Nazzour home, opened daily to people of all faiths. They came from
different countries and prayed before the Icon of Soufanieh. These includ-
ed Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. Always there
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was respect from all, always all were welcome. I admired the sacrifice of the
Nazzour family in opening their home to all and always gratuitously. Never
has anything been disturbed or stolen.
Whenever I offered the Sacrifice of the Mass at Soufanieh Home
before the Icon, I found the people most devout. They prayed long before
the Mass began. I was able to use the chalice daily which the Pope used
when he was in Damascus in May 2001, when his Holiness went on pil-
grimage, following the footsteps of St. Paul.
On my final evening of September 18, 2001, we were gathered for
Mass and farewell in the upper terrace where Our Lady appeared. At the
end of the Mass I expressed my gratitude for the charity and kindness of all.
I was saying that I recognized a similarity between the message of Fatima
in the West and Soufanieh in the East. Suddenly Fr. Elias Zahlaoui drew
my attention that olive oil was exuding from the hands of Myrna who stood
beside him.
When Fr. Zahlaoui announced the oil the youth present began singing
a beautiful hymn to the Virgin of Soufanieh. They lined up so I could
anoint them with oil from Myrna’s hands. I had said Mass near midnight
that final night in Soufanieh before returning to America. It is my prayer
that I may offer holy Mass each day, even my last day on earth. Planes had
been grounded after the terrorist attacks. What difficulties awaited me to fly
back to the United States I did not know. I took the abundant oil from
Myrna’s hands and anointed each one present. It was obvious the youth
were experiencing a presence of God and of the Virgin. As always happens,
the oil began to cease when all were anointed.
While I had come to research for a book on Soufanieh I prayed that if
God wanted oil to occur while I was there—if He felt that a miracle would
make the book on Soufanieh I was to write more credible, it’s in His hands.
I did not deem myself worthy to witness such a miracle. If God wanted to
bring forth oil, not for Myrna’s glory nor mine, but only for the effective-
ness of the message of Soufanieh, which is for love and unity of the family
and the Church—only God can determine that and cause the miracle. I had
no right to ask.
Before going to Soufanieh I did not know that the message of Sou-
fanieh also concerned family life. I thought the call was only for Christian
Unity of the Universal Church, starting with the reunion of Orthodox and
Catholics. Then I discovered Soufanieh concerns love and unity in the fam-
ily as well. Now I understood, as director of the Fatima Family Apostolate,
dedicated to the sanctification of families, why, by unforeseen circum-
stances, I was called to Soufanieh-Damascus. It became clear why I chose
to fly there to a Community of Love and Unity, September 11, at the same
time when hatred of extremists was being unleashed in my native land.
When there are millions of families filled with love and living in unity
in Christ there will come Christian Unity. The first big effort is to unify the
Feast of Easter so Orthodox and Catholics celebrate the Feast at the same
time. Then the rest will follow.
I hope the Icon of Soufanieh can be placed in our homes to remind
each family of heaven’s call for love and unity in our families and heaven’s
call for all Christians to pray for Christian unity.
Fr. Robert J. Fox
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Chapter. # Name ix
Dear Fr. Robert J. Fox:
You asked me, in faith and sensitivity, to write an introduction to
your book. I, in turn, respond in faith and with sensitivity as well. Faith,
because the priesthood of Jesus incorporates us together; and, in sensi-
tivity, because you, an eminent priest, known all over America, asked me,
who is not well known in America, to write this introduction.
Dear Father,
First, I must express gratitude to the Lord for He has led you in your
travels to Damascus at an exceptional time: on the very day and imme-
diately subsequent to the dreadful assault on the World Trade Center in
New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., etc.
I must also thank the Lord for the invincible desire with which He
has inflamed your heart to write a book about the activities of His most
consecrated Mother in the Soufanieh neighborhood of Damascus, and
hence for the whole world.
A great many people came to Damascus before you, were amazed
and grateful as they discovered the inconceivable occurrences at Soufan-
ieh. They have come from France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Holland,
Spain, Tahiti, the United States, Mexico, Denmark and, of course, from
all the Arab countries. However, only a few of them wrote articles or
treatises on Soufanieh.
There are two exceptions: first the French journalist Christian
Ravaz, who wrote a primer entitled “The Revelations of Jesus and the
Virgin in Damascus” and, second, Fr. Adel Theodore Khouri, a German
national who wrote a primer entitled “A Sign from Heaven,” 1988.
You, Father, however desired to write an ample book addressed to
Americans on the one hand and the English speaking world on the
other. And since you have an acknowledged status in ecclesiastical and
clergy circles in the United States, thanks to your books which have
exceeded forty and through the Eternal Word Television Network
(EWTN), which was founded by Mother Angelica, this testimony of
yours about Soufanieh will certainly be adequate to reach an innumer-
able amount of people.
Is there anyone in this world who has not witnessed the crucial
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conflict in our modern world between those turning away from God and
those with a zealous passion for Him?
Hence, your testimony about Soufanieh bears great significance.
Therefore, I would give thanks to the Lord, first, and then to you,
dear Father, for the caution with which I have noticed in you to detect
the Soufanieh occurrences with accuracy and going directly to reliable
sources. You have never put aside any of the reported references, whether
they be from sources that are ecclesiastical, scientific, educational or
You have done all this as if you were that exceptional priest the late
Fr. Joseph Malouli, who was chosen by the Lord to take care of Sou-
fanieh for so long during those momentous years, and who recorded all
so lovingly and faithfully.
For these reasons, I have gratitude to the Lord and to you; hence I
rejoice at your work.
Moreover, I experience an additional gratitude with joy for the Lord
and for you, dear Father. You are a priest who has dedicated a great por-
tion of your priestly life to spreading the message of Our Mother, her
revelations, to the entire world. Then suddenly you came to Damascus
and as it were spontaneously, as by divine guidance, saw the link between
Fatima and Damascus; between the Virgin’s revelations in Fatima and
Her revelations together with Jesus in Damascus. How successful and
fortunate you were!
At the level of the conjoined divine mission between Fatima and
Damascus you vanquished the challenge to glorify the family and its
members so that families would become the builders of the sanctity of
the bigger, universal family which is the Church. Such sanctified fami-
lies would also be the builders of Church unity and its sharp testimony
amidst a world whose material density and arrogance multiplies and
whose spirituality and substance declines.
Furthermore, you were fortunate in your emphasis of the impor-
tance of both Fatima and Damascus. There is no place for preposterous
chance or luck and mere speculation as to what the Lord’s choice has
been. It is He who knows and plans and executes. Man may respond or
turn away.
The Lord Himself chose the town of Fatima in the second decade
of the twentieth century; likewise, He chose the city of Damascus in the
second decade from the end of that century.
Fatima refers to a great Muslim name. What happened at Fatima
embodies an urgent appeal from the Blessed Virgin to the world to
come back to God humbly, lovingly and hopefully.
Damascus, on the other hand, is the name that relates radically to
early Christianity through the apostle St. Paul, the messenger. Likewise
it relates to the magnanimous Islam through hundreds of years. Without
warning, what has happened at Damascus, in the modest neighborhood
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of Soufanieh, summons people to return to God in faith and through
love. It also summons each and every family on this earth to live in sanc-
tity daily so as to turn humanity into one united human family, affec-
tionate and faithful. This will unite all the sanctified families so as to
synthesize together one Church to testify truthfully the efficacy of Jesus,
the Redeemer (whom many do not yet share), the Unshared.
Mary, the Virgin, is the Mother from the East, whom God chose,
excluding all other women, in order to open locked doors in both the
East and the West. Mary is God’s choice to demolish the extending high
walls between the East and the West. Finally, Mary has been chosen to
gather all the children of God everywhere at any time so as to form one
human family which raises its polyphonic voice in united prayer to the
One Divine Father.
Isn’t that precisely what humanity needs so desperately today, more
than anything else?
Dear Fr. Robert,
You have said all this in your book simply, joyfully and clearly. You
have said it in an attentive and sensitive way which is directed to accu-
mulating reiteration around the solid nucleus of the truth. One of the
most amiable aspects of this reiteration is your discourse about the
Mother Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh, that is, the Icon of Our Lady
of Kazan upon which the Soufanieh Icon is based. What you have writ-
ten about the history of the Kazan Icon and its Russian record has great
dimensions, at the Church level, the ecumenical level and the level of
faith in general. That is especially when you mention the way it was lost
and the way it was found, and finally its sojourn under the protection
and patronage of Our Lady of Fatima at Fatima. You have indicated all
these dimensions without hesitation. Some of your indications acquire
vigor whereas others are discussed delicately so as to comply with the
nature of the West-East relationships.
Dear Fr. Robert,
Being an Arab Catholic priest, and a son of the city of Damascus, I
can’t help but expose your honesty in testifying in favor of the children
of the Arab Church today and to the people of Damascus, as you have
demonstrated in your book. You have shown this in writing of the peo-
ple of Damascus and Syria and the Arab Orient composed of Christians
and Muslims. You did not spare a minute to manifest what you have dis-
covered in them; human spontaneous tendency, aggression-free geniali-
ty, genuine faith and ethical open-mindedness.
There are plenty of issues which deserve to be contemplated and
pondered and I would not misappropriate the pleasure for your readers
in discovering them in this book. I would, however, point out one very
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important topic in your testimony.
It is this: your constant, quiet emphasis on the prolongation of the
absolutely free prayers which have been offered at the humble house of
the Blessed Virgin in the Soufanieh community. It does give me deep
happiness to notice that you have observed in your book, more than
once, that both Christian and Muslim believers pray next to each other
in both respect and faith. Both do this asking the blessing from their
Virgin Mother, the blessing of peace, love and unity. They ask this
blessing for themselves and for all of humanity, and even for their ene-
mies. They do this while they stride every day over a great deal of hatred
and antipathy and grievances which have accumulated in this Arab
Amiable Father Robert,
Once again, I thank you for this precious, inestimable testimony
that comes from you, the American priest, at a crucial time. I do beseech
Our Lord Jesus, with the mediation of Our Virgin Mother, to make this
testimony of your book a new voice to awaken those who got drowned
in the delusion of this world; this delusion which is founded upon the
disdainfulness of the science, the lust for power and worship of money.
May this testimony rouse a great many people to listen to the first
words of the Virgin’s discourse at Soufanieh to all her children through-
out the world:
“My Children,
Remember God because God is with us.”
May this testimony as well rouse a great many people to the latest
words of the Lord Jesus at Soufanieh to all His brothers in sacrifice:
“Don’t forget that I am the reason of your existence on earth. And I
am the reason of your happiness in Heaven.”
Finally, I would not find a better conclusion to this introduction
than to remind you of what the Lord Jesus said to Myrna on November
26, 1987:
“My peace in your heart will be a blessing for you and for all those
who have cooperated with you.”
Dear Father, God bless you and bless your effort.
Fr. Elias Zahlaoui
Damascus, 6/10/2002
Our Lady of Damascus Church
Al.Quousour, Damascus, Syria
background image
Myrna Nazzour on mountain overlooking Damascus, Easter Sunday, 2001.
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Scenes of Old Damascus
(Above) Eastern Gate (Bab
Charki); (right) street scene.