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Chapter 10
Messages Given to Myrna Nazzour
from Jesus Christ and the
Holy Virgin Mary
HE ONGOING MESSAGES which Myrna has re-
ceived began on Wednesday, December 15, 1982. The be-
ginning of the apparitions and messages was in this way. At
first the Icon was kept in the young couple’s bedroom and since the events
of November 19, 1982, the room has been called, “the Room of the
Virgin.” About ten people were praying before the Icon. About 11 p.m.
Myrna became seemingly restless which her friend Ghada, sitting close to
her, noticed. Ghada held her hands for a while but suddenly Myrna pulled
them away and stood up.
Suddenly Myrna went hurriedly up the stairs to the terrace of the
house. She had felt someone pulling her, as if someone had taken hold
of her shoulder to pull her to another location.
Once on the terrace, Myrna placed her forehead facing to the
ground, then she raised her head saying:
“A beautiful Lady was standing in front of me. I understood later
that it was the Virgin Mary and I ran away scared.”
Myrna went to her sister-in-law’s apartment next door which is at
the same level as the terrace. She woke up Helen, shouting,“The Virgin,
the Virgin.”
Myrna later told Fr. Zahlaoui of this vision and he advised her that
she must not be afraid. “People are not afraid of their mother,” he told
her. He advised her to strengthen herself so as to be receptive to the
graces and to have the strength to receive the messages the Virgin might
desire to give to her.
While this was the Holy Virgin’s first apparition, yet because of
Myrna’s state of mind and running away, no message was received then
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and the first message would await the second apparition.
The Second Apparition (the First Message)
Saturday, December 18, 1982, at 11:37 p.m.
My children,
Remember God, because God is with us.
You know all things and yet you know nothing.
Your knowledge is an incomplete knowledge.
But the day will come when you will know all things the way God
knows Me.
Do good to those who do evil.
And do not harm anyone.
I have given you oil more than you have asked for,
but I shall give you something much more powerful than oil.
Repent and have faith, and remember Me in your joy.
Announce My Son the Emmanuel.
He who announces Him is saved, and he who does not announce Him,
his faith is vain.
Love one another.
I am not asking for money to give to churches, nor for money to distrib-
ute to the poor.
I am asking for love.
Those who distribute their money to the poor and to churches,
but have no love, those are nothing.
I shall visit homes more often, because those who go to church, sometimes,
do not go there to pray.
I am not asking you to build Me a church, but a shrine.
Do not turn away anyone who asks for help.
Myrna was most cooperative with me since she knew I was writing
this book. From the beginning she made it clear that her prayers were so
that the book would not be for her own glory. As said in chapter 4, the first
full day there Myrna took me to the upper terrace where she had been, as
it were, pulled to go. She showed me the eucalyptus tree across the street
by the river from which the Blessed Virgin had come to her [see p. 79].
Myrna explained that the Virgin Mary was so beautiful that no one
could paint an accurate portrait of her. Myrna first saw the ball of light
in the tree; the ball then opened and the Virgin walked on a stream of
light to Myrna on the terrace, passing right through the iron railing.
Myrna touched the Virgin Mother Mary. About 20 years later when I
interviewed her, her responses were without hesitation and represented
an experience ever fresh in her mind. She explained that touching the
Virgin was like touching a person with a physical body.
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
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The portrait of Myrna on her knees with hands outstretched to the
Virgin while our heavenly Mother touched Myrna’s hands with the cru-
cifix of the rosary is quite accurate as to the appearance of Our Lady [see
p. 124]. The abundant oil at that moment overflowed from Myrna’s
hands unto the concrete floor, forming the suffering face of Jesus Christ.
“I have given you oil more than you have asked for, but I shall give you
something much more powerful than oil.”
Myrna has said that we ought not to seek simply the oil but the Holy
Spirit. Surely the Holy Spirit is most powerful. She has also said that
those who look for such miracles should rather rest in faith and love of
the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The action of
the two-fold consecration by the priest at the Sacrifice of the Mass, per-
petuating the Sacrifice of the Cross and bringing us the Real Presence of
Jesus Christ, is surely “something much more powerful than oil.”
But does Mary give us the Holy Eucharist? One of her titles is “Our
Lady of the Holy Eucharist.” She gave us Jesus by cooperating with
God’s will and the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus the God-Man incar-
nate whom we offer to the Father and receive in Holy Communion
became our one essential Mediator through the cooperation of Mary.
Mary always leads to Jesus. She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and no
grace is given without the intercession of Mary Mediatrix.
“Remember God.” How important it is to remember God in our
secular times, when faith has weakened even among Christians. People
have often made gods out of modern technology, science, material
things. “No man can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love
the other or be attentive to one and despise the other. You cannot give
yourself to God and money (Matt. 6:24; Luke 16:13). Consumerism
often has replaced God and religion, in fact it has become the “religion”
for many.
How much hatred and revenge there is, even among many who call
themselves Christian. The Virgin says: “Do good to those who do evil.
And do not harm anyone. . . . Love one another.”
“Repent and have faith, and remember me in your joy.”
How often in the Marian era, which begins with St. Catherine
Labouré and the Miraculous Medal (1830) [see p. 132], has the Virgin
Mary appeared sad in the authenticated apparitions. Why are Jesus and
Mary sometimes depicted as sad? They are sad because of the sins of
mankind, and our lack of faith. We are to have faith and to pray, not only
when in trouble, but always, even in good times, in times of joy.
“Announce my Son the Emmanuel.” Many have given up the spirit
of evangelization, to bring others to Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of
God with us. Many who call themselves “Christian” are that in name
only. One billion Muslims of the world do not believe that the Virgin’s
Son, Jesus Christ, is Emmanuel, God with us—God become man to
save us. There are now roughly as many Muslims as there are Catholics
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in the world.
If Christians were united, if Christians formed the one Church Jesus
came to place on earth as the Kingdom of God among us, Muslims could
more easily recognize the divinity, as well as the humanity, of Jesus Christ.
If Orthodox and Catholics united, and the one true Eucharistic Jesus both
of these families receive and celebrate could be concelebrated as one
Church, what effect for conversion this would have on Muslims; what
effect too it would have on the thousands of divided Protestant bodies. All
could more fully understand that unity is the will of Jesus Christ.
Jesus said in John 17: “I pray that they may be one in us, that the
world may believe that you sent me.” Lack of unity among Christians
keeps the world from recognizing that God the Father, the one true
God, sent Jesus Christ into the world to save it, and that Jesus Christ is
the eternal Son of God the Father and they breathe forth the Holy
Spirit upon the world. Jesus needs to be recognized as the universal Savi-
or for he came for the entire human race. Jesus died on the Cross for all,
not for some.
Muslims worship the one true God. Muslims worship a God of
majesty, but God became incarnate in the flesh as Emmanuel. Islam,
unfortunately, is not a religion of redemption, of the cross, and the res-
urrection. They are not able to give God the infinite and perfect worship
through the Sacrifice of the Mass which perpetuates the Sacrifice of the
Cross. Muslims have a great respect for Our Lady, and they pray five
times a day. May their prayers to the Virgin and ours too bring all to
faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, God, Savior.
“I am not asking for money to give to churches. . . .” Christians have
often got sidetracked on money. Too often some have thought them-
selves rich in God if they gave money to the Church without a selfless
and humble motive. It is the poor in spirit who see God, who come into
the reign of God. “How blest are the poor in spirit: the reign of God is
theirs” (Matt. 5:3). It is genuine love for all that the Virgin asks for, even
love of one’s enemies, to those who would do harm to us.
“I shall visit homes more often, because those who go to church,
sometimes, do not go there to pray. . . .” The Virgin Mother wants our
homes, families, to be domestic churches, little churches, miniature mys-
tical bodies of Christ. She wants love and unity in the family, in the home.
Through the image of Our Lady of Soufanieh, the Virgin is visiting many
homes. In many cases throughout the world replicas of the Icon of
Soufanieh have shed oil, a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit, of
Whom Mary is Spouse. The miracle has led such families, and their
friends, to come to deeper prayer or return to prayer, to faith, to love.
“I am not asking you to build me a church, but a shrine.” This again
seems to reflect on the home as a shrine of love, unity. Later Our Lady
asked that a stone from the arch of the Soufanieh home of Myrna and
Nicolas be removed from the front of their house and there be placed an
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
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Icon of the Holy Virgin with a message of thanks and recognition to
Jesus. A pane of glass was placed over it and a small lamp illuminates the
Icon day and night. I noticed passers-by stop to pray there, even kneel
for a short while on the sidewalk and pray. Nicolas said to me, “I think
it is the first time in any Muslim country an image of Mary and Jesus
has been so exposed publicly for veneration.”
Is this too telling Christians in Muslim lands not to be afraid to
evangelize; not to give up working to bring Muslims to faith in Jesus, the
“Give. Do not turn away anyone who asks for help.” The greatest
gift we can give is God who is a gift. As Christians, true children of
God, we must give. First we must give our very selves. Myrna and
Nicolas came to this realization from the beginning and opened their
door to the world and have kept it open since. It requires a constant
giving, giving of themselves. They show exceptional patience and a
great smile to all who come. They fade into the background and leave
people to pray before the Icon or study the messages on the wall of
their home.
The Third Apparition (the Second Message)
Saturday, January 8, 1983, at 11:37 p.m.
The Virgin was crying.
She told Myrna: “It’s all right.”
Myrna was also crying, while shouting, “The Virgin is crying!”
At last, the Virgin withdrew, but before disappearing, she smiled
The above very short message must be understood in the context of
the situation at Soufanieh at the time. The Virgin said to Myrna: “It’s all
right.” According to Fr. Elias Zahlaoui, “Maa’leche” is the word spoken
by Mary in Arabic dialect and is an expression heard in Damascus every
day and frequently. It has the meaning: “It’s OK. I’ll get through it.”
Myrna was crying and the Virgin Mary said to her “Maa’leche.” While
Myrna was crying she was shouting, “The Virgin is crying!” The holy
Virgin smiled gently before disappearing.
It was the evening before the Icon was to be moved from the Sou-
fanieh home to the church as described in chapter 4. Antiochian
Patriarch Ignatius Hazim IV had given the order and, although Myrna
and Nicolas were saddened that it would depart their home, it was
accepted by them. They were to “give.”
Nicolas had been hoping for a rotation of transfers of the Icon to
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 208
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different churches. Fr. Zahlaoui then convinced Nicolas to cooperate
with the desire of the Patriarch. He spoke to him in this manner:
“Nicolas, the Church brings us closer to Jesus and Mary. The Church,
for you, now is the Orthodox Church. In the person of the Patriarch [the
Church speaks to you]. Therefore, if the Patriarch tells you something,
it is as if the Lord himself is telling you.
“Besides what the Church says, we know nothing. The Church is
responsible for the deposit of the faith, the Gospel, the Sacraments,
and even Jesus; the Church takes care of us. We cannot make our own
reality in the name of Jesus. Therefore, you should do what the
Patriarch asks, as if this request came directly from the Lord. And, as
long as the Patriarch wants the Icon to remain in this church, you
should say, ‘Let it be.’”
Fr. Zahlaoui said that the Icon being taken solemnly to the Church
and displayed was a form of recognition of the phenomenon that was
taking place. The Nazzours had had little rest for 45 days and nights
after the phenomenon began and Fr. Zahlaoui felt the transfer would
give them an opportunity to adjust, get some rest, etc. There was also
hope that the Icon in the Orthodox Church would lead to ecumenical
prayers for Christian unity. Nicolas agreed.
Fr. Zahlaoui did not hear about the Holy Virgin crying the night
before the Icon was moved until a few days later. When Myrna and
Nicolas told him about it the priest thought to himself that the Lord and
the Virgin know things we do not know. So we must wait and trust.
Things became clearer later when the Icon was returned in secrecy to the
home of Nicolas and Myrna.
It seems to this author that heaven’s plan included emphasis of the
home as a domestic church, a miniature mystical body of Christ, a place
of prayer and grace. This would become a call for millions of families,
millions of homes, which make up the Church, to become what they are.
That is what Pope John Paul II said in Familiaris Consortio: “Families,
become what you are.”
That heaven wanted the Icon in the home, not in an official church,
to emphasize the family as a little church, seems justified when we con-
sider the following: During all the time that the Icon was at the Church
of the Holy Cross, not once did oil exude from it. At the same time
while Myrna and Nicolas had placed in their room another similar icon
to the one at the Holy Cross Church, the one in their home exuded oil
several times. The oil built up on the surface of the paper reproduction
without a glass cover
On February 21, 1983, the Icon at the church was returned to the
Soufanieh home. People were upset by the manner of its return (in a
cheap, black plastic bag, by two Greek-Orthodox priests). Nicolas espe-
cially was shocked, as was the Christian community when they learned
of it. He let the priests know that he considered it disgraceful to bring
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
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the Icon back like that. Fr. Joseph Malouli, a Lazarist priest, remained
outside when he arrived and heard the loud voices coming from inside.
After the two Orthodox priests left, Fr. Malouli prayed a decade of the
Rosary with Myrna before the Image. It was thus Fr. Malouli who
worked to appease everyone and to pray. He inwardly prayed: “Virgin
Mary, enlighten us so that we don’t make a mistake that can jeopardize
your program.”
It was only after a few minutes of meditation that Myrna, without
saying anything, got up and hastily left the room and went to the terrace
where the apparitions had taken place on two previous occasions.
All the household also hastened to the terrace when they realized
where Myrna had gone. They found her on the terrace, her face
brightly lit. She was kneeling with her hands joined. She pronounced
words which seemed dictated to her by someone. She later confirmed
that the message below in dialectal Arabic was given to her by the
Virgin Mary.
The Fourth Apparition (the Third Message)
Monday, February 21, 1983, at 9:30 p.m.
My children,
Let it be said between us, I have come back here.
Do not insult the haughty who are devoid of humility.
The humble person craves other people’s remarks to correct his shortcom-
while the corrupt and haughty neglects, rebels, becomes hostile.
Forgiveness is the best thing.
He who pretends to be pure and loving before people, is impure before
I would like to request something from you, a word that you will
engrave in your memory, that you shall always repeat:
God saves me, Jesus enlightens me, the Holy Spirit is my life, this is why
I fear nothing.
Is it not so, My son Joseph?
Forbear and forgive.
Forbear much less than the Father has forborne.
The priest advisors, Frs. Malouli and Zahlaoui, and those directly
involved kept secret the first part of the above message for a couple of
years. The Virgin had said, “Let it be said between us.” There seemed to
be a bitter reproach in the first part of the message. At the same time
there was a loving invitation from the Mother of God to be forgiving
rather than accusing.
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 210
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Fr. Joseph Malouli was addressed personally in this message and it
was thought to be a major turning point in the Soufanieh phenomenon.
This priest was a good theologian and gifted with a good memory and
scientific mind. Fr. Malouli had lived in Damascus since 1940 and was
known as a man of integrity and honesty. He was already advanced in
age and above suspicion. He was not a priest who was easily convinced
about reported supernatural phenomena. On the contrary, he had
strongly opposed numerous reports of “supernatural events” that from
time to time were reported in Damascus.
When people would hear that Fr. Malouli was interested and favor-
able to Soufanieh, the response would be: “If Fr. Malouli is for it, that is
enough. Then I do not doubt it.”
The Blessed Mother is telling us in this message to forgive. Regard-
less how much we forbear, it cannot be compared to what God forbears
from us. It came to be realized that the Virgin was asking everyone to
pray more so as to please the Father.
The Fifth Apparition (the Fourth Message)
Thursday, March 24, 1983, at 9:30 p.m.
My children,
My mission has ended.
That night, the Angel told Me:
“Blessed are thou amongst women.”
And I was only able to tell Him that “I am the Servant of the Lord.”
I am happy.
I Myself do not deserve to tell you: “ Your sins are forgiven.”
But My God has said it.
Establish a church. I did not say: “Build a church.”
The Church that Jesus adopted is One Church, because Jesus is One.
The Church is the kingdom of Heaven on earth.
He who has divided it has sinned.
And he who has rejoiced from its division has also sinned.
Jesus built it.
It was small.
And when it grew, it became divided.
He who divided it has no love in him.
I tell you: “Pray, pray, and pray again!”
How beautiful are My children when they kneel down, imploring.
Do not fear, I am with you.
Do not be divided as the great ones are.
You, yourselves, will teach the generations THE WORD of unity, love
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
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and faith.
Pray for the inhabitants of earth and Heaven.
The major mission of the Virgin became very clear in the above
message. Soufanieh is a call to UNITY for Christians. This had already
become the intuition of the Lord’s will in the Soufanieh phenomenon.
People would ask: “What is the Holy Virgin trying to do? Is she desir-
ing to unify us?” Since Myrna was a Greek Catholic and Nicolas a Greek
Orthodox it seemed a logical conclusion that the Holy Virgin was com-
ing on a mission to unite.
The idea had become very popular among people in trying to un-
derstand what the Virgin was about. Until the above message, the Virgin
had not stated explicitly her mission to Soufanieh. To unify her children
was then already a popular idea of the reason for the Blessed Virgin’s
manifestations, including the use of the image of Soufanieh with the
Christ Child as well as the apparitions and expressed messages.
On the evening of March 18, Nicolas had called Fr. Zahlaoui and said,
“Father, please come!” He arrived and found large quantities of oil exuding
from the Icon. All the people present were praying. Fr. Zahlaoui reported
it to his bishop the next day. The oil continued to flow all that next day.
Myrna asked the priest, “Father, is there a feast today?” (During the
first couple of years, oil exuded regularly during certain religious feasts:
the Feasts of Jesus and Mary; feasts of some saints, like St. Luke, St.
Joseph, etc. At first Fr. Zahlaoui thought the evening of March 18 was
not a special feast. He forgot that March 19, which they were now enter-
ing at its vigil was the Feast of St. Joseph. For the Byzantine Church, it
was also the Feast of the Holy Virgin of the Acathist, which is a very
beautiful celebration.)
Myrna got a calendar and pointed out that it was the Feast of St.
Joseph and the Feast of the Holy Virgin of the Acathist. Then Fr.
Zahlaoui also recalled, “It’s Fr. Malouli’s birthday!”
Fr. Zahlaoui then wished Fr. Malouli “Happy Birthday” and left.
When the evening of March 24 arrived, Fr. Zahlaoui was at the
church to watch a play. During the intermission, while he was speaking
to the producer, a friend informed him, “Father, the Nazzours want to
see you.”
Arriving at their home, he discovered the people were on the roof-
top terrace. He joined the kneeling people. Then he heard Myrna say-
ing words that were clearly not coming from her but that she was repeat-
ing what she heard another say.
Always the Virgin begins with “My Children.” We are truly the
children of God by adoption through baptism and of the holy Mother
Mary in the order of grace. Although the message was great, the people
so closely involved began to worry that perhaps the phenomenon was
going to end. “My mission has ended.” They then were sad although
happy about the message of unity. It was later proven true that Mary had
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 212
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accomplished a mission but she would accomplish other missions.
Why does Mary say, “That night, the Angel told me.” Were not the
words “Blessed are thou among women” spoken by her cousin Eliza-
beth? Fr. Malouli worried that since the message had the Angel saying
the words people could say it is not the Holy Virgin who is speaking. In
some Arabic translations of the Gospels, the sentence comes from the
angel. In other translations it comes from the mouth of Elizabeth. Fr.
Zahlaoui found the translation used in their Mass celebrations agreeing
with the message.
In reading the messages, people of the West would do well not to
jump to quick conclusions and think the Virgin could never have said all
the words about the Church reported here. We do well to keep in mind
that heaven sees the hundreds of millions of Orthodox with a valid
priesthood and a thousand years of separation from the See of Rome.
We do well to keep in mind the mentalities of the East. We are all chil-
dren of God and should be one. The Father sees a valid Eucharist being
offered in Eastern Orthodox churches which also perpetuates the Sacri-
fice of the Cross, gives infinite worship, and brings the Real Presence of
Jesus Christ, true God and true man.
Heaven wants to unite what Pope John Paul II has called the two
lungs of the Church so that they breathe as one Body. Union will not
come by throwing accusations at each other and saying, “We are right,
you are wrong. You are responsible. You conform entirely to our side.”
Heaven is not asking for compromise of truth, but for humble and sin-
cere hearts which love and unite.
We see in this message that heaven wants the Church not to wield
power but truly become a servant. Politics and worldly power are not for
the one Church of Jesus Christ. A church that wants power on earth and
uses politics to attain its goals is not the way of God or his one Church,
the Body of Jesus Christ.
“The Church is the kingdom of heaven on earth.” Jesus built one
Church, men are not to build churches or another church. Jesus took to
Himself one Church. He wills that it remain One Church. He prayed
for such unity at the Last Supper when he instituted the Sacrament of
Unity, the Holy Eucharist, to give us himself and his Sacrifice.
Has there not been a sense of power and pride that has contributed
to the divisions today? Also, to maintaining these divisions? “He who
has divided it has sinned. And he who has rejoiced from its division has
also sinned. Jesus built it. It was small. And when it grew, it became
divided.” How much pride and sense of the desire for power is keeping
Christians apart?
The forgiveness of sin. Mary in humility cannot say, “Your sins are
forgiven.” But God in Jesus Christ has given this power to his priests.
The Father wants sinners to repent, to confess, to have their sins forgiv-
en in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. How many have ever repented or
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
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confessed sins of division? Do we work and pray for unity, the end to
divisions, in the Church, in families?
The kingdom of heaven exists already on earth in the Church. The
baptized are in communion through the sacramental indelible sign or
character of baptism, of Confirmation, through a common sharing in
the life of God (sanctifying grace) with the souls in Purgatory and those
in heaven. We should pray for the souls in Purgatory to be admitted
soon to heavenly glory.
How amazed we would be if we could see the good holy angels
which surround us each day. They praise God with us, especially before
the Holy Eucharist and during its celebration. There is the Real Pres-
ence of Jesus in the tabernacle. His Cross is perpetuated at the Sacrifice
of the Mass. Surely there is at least a moral presence of Mary when we
are in the sacramental presence of Jesus Christ. Saints are present in our
daily lives, more than we think, especially when we call upon them. They
love for us to call upon them. We are of the same family.
You, yourselves (not just Myrna) will teach the generations THE
WORD of unity, love and faith. Pray for the inhabitants of earth and
heaven. It is not only the example of Myrna but the example of all sin-
cere Christians open to love and unity who will teach.
Myrna has traveled to many countries to teach people about the
need for unity, love and faith. From Soufanieh there is going out to the
world, through replicas of the Icon, the call for unity and love among
Christians and unity and love in their homes.
For this unity: “Gather! Pray, pray, and pray again.” We should
pray not only privately but gather with others and pray for these inten-
The Ecstasies
(First period: from Friday, October 28, 1983
to Tuesday, November, 26, 1985)
Ecstasies are mystical phenomena in which there are both interior
and exterior elements. The invisible elements involve the mind being
focused on a religious subject. The bodily aspect means that the senses
are suspended. External influences or sensations have no influence on
the soul. The person in ecstasy is oblivious of what is happening in one’s
physical surroundings.
In the case of Myrna the ecstasy is usually preceded by the exuding
of oil from Myrna’s hands, face, and neck. Oil comes also from her eyes
and burns them when she is about to see Christ and go into ecstasy. This
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 214
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stage is then followed by the ecstasy itself.
During the ecstasy Myrna does not see, hear or feel. Her body is
stiff. She sees the Virgin or Jesus Christ, in the form of a Person made
up of light—but she cannot distinguish our Lord’s face. This is not the
case with the Blessed Virgin whose face she can see.
The interior light that Myrna sees prevents her from seeing anything
of the exterior world. Once from November 26-29, 1984, she remained
in this state for 72 consecutive hours. Most of the ecstasies vary in time
from five to 75 minutes. Most have been recorded on video tape.
The messages from these ecstasies present a summary of important
Christian truths: Blessed Trinity; Creation; Incarnation; Divine
Paternity; Mediation of the Virgin Mary; deserving the kingdom of
heaven; repentance due to the Lord; necessity for constant prayer and
fasting; sanctity of marriage; pressing appeal for the unity of the Church;
the role of the laity in the work of unity.
Message from the Holy Virgin, Friday, October 28, 1983:
Do not fear, all this is happening to glorify the name of God.
Do not fear, in you I shall educate My generation.
Message from the Holy Virgin, Friday, November 4, 1983:
Go down and tell them that you are My daughter before
being theirs. . . .
My heart has been consumed over My only Son.
It will not be consumed over all My children.
[See chapter 3 and also p. 231 of this book to interpret the above
message which does not translate well into English It is not saying that
Mary is unconcerned about us.]
Message from the Holy Virgin, Friday, November 25, 1983:
This is all I want.
I have not come to separate.
Your married life will remain as it is . . .
Would you like to come to Me? . . . Come . . .
Your willingness (to come to Me) is enough.
Message from Jesus Christ, Thursday, May 31, 1984 (Ascension Day):
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
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On Holy Thursday of the Ascension in 1984 about 3:30 p.m. Fr.
Malouli is conversing with some women while Myrna is in a calm state.
Suddenly Myrna says to the priest:
I wish to see Jesus.
Why not, but it is necessary to pay the price.
What does that mean: to pay the price?
Perhaps it will be necessary for you to suffer, or something else, I don’t
know. I only know that it will be necessary to pay the price.
About 4 p.m., Myrna went into her room and lay on the bed. Oil
appeared on her face, neck, and hands. Oil exuded from her eyes which
caused terrible pains. A couple of people held her hands, thinking that
she may have hurt herself; there was so much pain that was intolerable,
causing Myrna to scream.
By 4:11, Myrna entered into ecstasy. She had a vision which she
described in this fashion:
“I saw a mountain, a light, and at the summit I saw Jesus raising his
right arm, while the other one remained alongside his body. . . .”
At 4: 30, Myrna opened her eyes, moaned from the pain caused by
the oil oozing from her eyes. Then at 4:45, she smiled and said:
“I saw him.”
She entered into ecstasy again at 4:48 until 4:58. At 5:00, she dic-
tated the following message verbatim from our Divine Lord:
My daughter,
I am the Beginning and the End.
I am Truth, Freedom and Peace.
My Peace, I give you.
Your peace shall not depend on what people say, be it good or bad,
and think little of yourself.
He who does not seek people’s approval, and does not fear their disap-
proval, enjoys true peace.
And this is achieved through Me.
Live your life, contented and independent.
The pains you have incurred for Me shall not break you. Rather,
rejoice. I am capable of rewarding you.
Your hardships will not be prolonged, and your pains will not last.
Pray with adoration, because Eternal life is worth these sufferings.
Pray for God’s will to be done in you, and say:
Beloved Jesus,
Grant that I rest in You above all things,
above all creatures,
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 216
background image
above all Your angels,
above all praise,
above all rejoicing and exultation,
above all glory and honor,
above all heavenly hosts,
For You alone are the Most High,
You alone are the Almighty and Good above all things.
May You come to me and relieve me,
and release me from my chains,
and grant me freedom,
because without You my joy is not complete,
without You my table is empty.
Only then will I come to say: Here I am, because you have
invited Me.
The above prayer, taught by Jesus, is recited daily by thousands
throughout the world. It has been produced on Holy Cards with the
Image of Our Lady of Soufanieh. It is recited daily at prayer time at
Message from the Holy Virgin, Friday, September 7, 1984:
The Virgin Mary entrusts Myrna with a secret: “This is between
you and me until your death.”
Myrna remembers from the message only the following words:
“Live your life, but let not life prevent you from continuing to pray.”
Message from the Holy Virgin, Wednesday, May 1, 1985:
My children, assemble.
My heart is wounded.
Do not allow my heart to break because of your divisions.
My daughter, I shall give you a gift for your hardships.
Message from the Holy Virgin (Hassake’, Syria), Sunday, August 4,
The Church is the kingdom of Heaven on earth.
He who has divided it has sinned.
And he who has rejoiced from its division has also sinned.
I am happy: do not fear, I am with you.
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
background image
In you I shall educate my generation.
Message from the Holy Virgin, Wednesday, August 14, 1985:
Happy anniversary.
It is always a feast for me whenever I see you all gathered together.
Your prayer is my feast.
Your faith is my feast.
The union of your hearts is my feast.
Message from Jesus Christ, Saturday, September 7, 1985:
It was the vigil of the Nativity of Mary, 7:18 p.m. Myrna entered
her room to lie down. At 7:22, oil come from her eyes causing sharp
pains. At 7:33, she entered into ecstasy. She saw a powerful light, and
from the heart of this light she heard a voice saying:
I am the Creator.
I created her, so that she could create Me.
Rejoice from the joy of Heaven,
because the Daughter of the Father
and the Mother of God
and the Spouse of the Spirit is born.
Exult from the exultation of the earth, because your salvation is
Message from Jesus Christ, Tuesday, November 26, 1985 (Eve of the
third anniversary of the phenomenon):
A massive crowd of people had come to the house of Soufanieh for
this anniversary. People were devout; they were praying, also singing
well-known hymns and spontaneous prayers were said. About 5 p.m.
Myrna’s hands, neck and face were covered with oil and for the first
time, her feet were also covered with oil. Then her eyes oozed oil. She
entered into ecstasy.
A physician, Dr. Abillam, performed several tests on Myrna’s body
during the ecstasy, with one of them causing harsh disapproval of peo-
ple in attendance. He put a knife under her right index fingernail.
Myrna did not react at all. She felt severe pain, however, when she came
out of the ecstasy.
Myrna had requested that only priests be allowed to remain in her
room during ecstasy. Myrna had a vision of Christ and He said to her:
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 218
background image
My daughter,
Do you wish to be crucified or glorified?
Answer: Glorified.
Christ smiles and says:
Do you prefer to be glorified by the creature or the Creator?
Answer: by the Creator.
Christ: This is realized through Crucifixion.
Because each time you look at the creatures,
the eyes of the Creator move away from you.
My daughter, I want you to apply yourself to praying and to humble
He who humbles himself, God increases him in strength and in
I was crucified out of love for you, and I want you to carry and bear
your cross for Me,
willingly, with love and patience, and (I want you) to await My
He who participates in My suffering, I shall make him participate in
My glory. There is no salvation for the soul except through the
Do not fear, My daughter,
I shall give you from My wounds enough to repay the debts of the
This is the source from which every soul may drink.
And if My absence lasts, and the light disappears from you, do not
fear, this will be for My glorification.
Go to the land where corruption has prevailed, and remain in God’s
(Second period: from Wednesday, November 26, 1986,
to Friday, August 14, 1987)
Message from Jesus Christ, Wednesday, November 26, 1986 (Eve of
the fourth anniversary of the phenomenon):
My daughter,
How beautiful is this place.
I shall build My kingdom and My peace in it.
I give My heart to (all of ) you so that I may obtain your heart(s).
Your sins are forgiven, because you look towards Me.
And he who looks towards Me, I shall paint My image in him.
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
background image
Woe to him who represents My image but has ransomed My blood.
Pray for the sinners.
Because for each word of prayer, I shall spill a drop of My blood on one
of the sinners.
My daughter, let not earthly matters trouble you, because through My
wounds you will gain eternity.
I want to renew My Passion, and I want you to accomplish your mis-
You will not be able to enter Heaven unless you have accomplished
your mission on earth.
Go in peace, and tell My children to come to Me any time, and not only
when I renew the feast of My Mother.
Because I am with them at all times.
Message from Jesus Christ, Saturday, April 18, 1987 (Holy Saturday):
I have given you a sign to glorify Me.
Continue along this path and I am with you.
For if you do not.
. . .
Message from Jesus Christ, Thursday, May 28, 1987 (Ascension Day):
Love one another and pray with faith.
Message from Jesus Christ (Maad, Lebanon),Wednesday, July 22,
Do not fear, My daughter, in you I shall educate My generation.
Pray, pray, and pray again!
And if you pray, say: “O Father, through the merits of Your beloved
Son’s wounds, save us.”
Message from Jesus Christ, Friday, August 14, 1987:
My daughter,
She is My Mother from whom I was born.
He who honors her, honors Me.
He who denies her, denies Me.
And he who asks something from her, obtains because she is My
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 220
background image
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
(A Turning Point: from Monday, September 7, 1987,
to Thursday, November 26, 1987)
Message from Jesus Christ, Monday, September 7, 1987:
*Mary, is it not you that I have chosen,
the quiet girl with a heart full of love and sympathy?
I have noticed that you cannot endure anything for Me.
I shall give you a chance to choose.
Know that if you lose Me, you will lose the prayers of all those
around you, and know that bearing the Cross is unavoidable.
* Myrna’s real name is Mary.
Message from Jesus Christ,Thursday, November 26, 1987 (Eve of the
fifth anniversary of the phenomenon):
My daughter,
I am pleased that you have chosen Me, not only in words.
I want you to join My Heart to your gentle heart so that our hearts
will unite. By doing so, you will save suffering souls.
Do not hate anyone, so that your heart not be blinded by your love of
Love everyone as you have loved Me, especially those who have hated
you and have spoken evil of you,
because in so doing you will obtain glory.
Continue in your life as wife, mother and sister.
Do not worry about the difficulties and the pains that will afflict
I want you to be stronger than they—because I am with you—
otherwise you will lose My heart.
Go and preach to the whole world and tell them without fear to
work for unity.
Man is not condemned for the fruit of his hands, but for the fruit of
his heart.
background image
My peace in your heart will be a blessing for you and for all those
who have cooperated with you.
(Third period: from Sunday, November 26, 1986
to Friday, August 14, 1987)
Message from Jesus Christ (Los Angeles, U.S.A.), Sunday, August 14,
My children,
My peace I gave you, but what have you given Me?
You are My Church and your heart belongs to Me, unless this heart
has a god other than Me.
I told you: The Church is the kingdom of Heaven on earth.
He who has divided it has sinned.
And he who has rejoiced from its division has also sinned.
It is easier for Me (to accept) that an infidel believe in My name
than that those who pretend to have faith and love swear by
My name.
It is in God alone that you must place your pride.
Pray for the sinners who forgive in My name, and for those who
deny My Mother.
My children, I have given you all of My time, give Me a part of
your time.
Message from Jesus Christ (Damascus, Syria), Wednesday, September
7, 1988:
My daughter,
I told you to overcome all your difficulties and know that you have
endured only a few.
Tell My children that it is from them that I demand unity, and I do
not want it from those who act as if they were working for
Go and preach.
And wherever you go, I am with you.
Message from Jesus Christ (Maad, Lebanon), Monday, October 10,
My daughter Mary,
Why are you afraid even though I am with you?
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 222
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Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
You must speak loudly to tell the word of truth about He who created
you, so that My strength may be manifested in you.
And I will give you from My wounds so that you will forget the
hardships that people inflict upon you.
Do not choose your path, because I have laid it out before you.
(Fourth period: from Saturday, November 26, 1988,
to Monday, November 26, 1990)
Message from Jesus Christ, Saturday, November 26, 1988 (Eve of the
sixth anniversary of the phenomenon):
My children,
Is everything you do out of love for Me?
Do not say: What shall I do, because this is My work.
You must fast and pray, because through prayer you face My truth
and you confront all enemies.
Pray for those who have forgotten the promise they made Me because
they will say:
Why did I not feel your presence, O Lord, even though You were with
All I want is for you all to gather in Me as I am in each of you.
As for you, My daughter, I will leave you.
Do not fear if you do not hear My voice for a long time, but instead,
be strong and let your tongue be a sword that speaks in My
And be sure that I am with you and with you all.
Message from the Holy Virgin (Los Angeles, U.S.A.), Friday, August
18, 1989:
Do not fear, my daughter.
All this is happening to glorify the name of God.
Rejoice, rather, because God has allowed you to come to me so that I
can tell you:
Do not worry about what people say about you, but remain always
in peace, because the creatures turn towards me through you.
Tell everyone to pray more because they need prayer to please the
background image
May the blessings of God be upon you and upon all those who have
cooperated with you out of love for Him.
Message from the Holy Virgin, Sunday, November 26, 1989 (Eve of
the seventh anniversary of the phenomenon):
My children,
Jesus told Peter, You are the rock, and on it, I shall build My church.
As for me, I tell you now: You are the heart in which Jesus will build
I want you to devote your prayers to peace, from now until the com-
memoration of the Resurrection.
[Perhaps we can see in the above message that as the spirit of love
of unity grows from Soufanieh throughout the world, Christians them-
selves will come to realize that the will of God is for their unity. They
will request, as they grow in love for one another in Jesus Christ, perhaps
even demand, unity. Does it not appear that a revolution for unity in the
Church, among all Christians, has started in peace and harmony in and
around the Virgin’s House of Soufanieh?]
Message from Jesus Christ, Saturday, April 14, 1990 (Holy Saturday):
My children,
You, yourselves, will teach the generations THE WORD of unity,
love and faith.
I am with you.
But you, My daughter, will not hear My voice until the Feast (of
Easter) has been unified.
[Notice: Jesus keeps his word and does not speak to Myrna in mes-
sage until 11 years later, not until Holy Saturday, April 14, 2001. In 2001
the Orthodox and Catholics and other Christians celebrated Easter at
the same time, for the Julian and Gregorian calendars coincided for
Easter that year.]
Message from the Holy Virgin (Braaschaatt, Belgium), Wednesday,
August 15, 1990:
My children,
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 224
background image
Pray for peace, and especially in the East, because you are all brothers
in Christ.
Message from the Holy Virgin, Monday, November 26, 1990 (Eve of
the eighth anniversary of the phenomenon):
Do not fear, my daughter, if I tell you that you are seeing me
for the last time until the feast (of Easter) is unified.
Therefore, tell my children:
Do they want or not to see and remember the wounds of my Son in
If it does not pain them to see that you are suffering doubly, I myself,
am a Mother, and it pains me to see my Son suffering repeat-
Remain in peace, remain in peace, my daughter.
Come, so that He may give you peace, so that you may spread it
among the people.
As for the oil, it will continue to manifest itself on your hands to glo-
rify my Son Jesus, whenever He wishes and wherever you go.
We are with you and with everyone who wishes the Feast (of Easter)
to be One.
[Now we have the Blessed Mother saying also that there will be this
eleven year interval. Myrna does continue her mission throughout the
world and oil does exude from her during these years. The oil from the
Icon will exude only in Holy Week 2001. Our Lord and our Blessed
Mother in this way are most emphatic on the importance of Christian
Unity. Our Lord is suffering constantly because of the divisions among
Christians. It pains the Blessed Virgin Mother to see her Son suffering
over these divisions.]
Message given to Myrna by Jesus Christ at Soufanieh on Holy
Saturday, April 14 , 2001, at 2:50 p.m.:
My children:
I have given you a sign for My glorification. Stay on your path, and
I am with you. Otherwise, I will close the gates of heaven in
your faces [in your faces, rendered “to you” in English]. But here
is Mother suffering . . . praying . . . saying to me: O Lord, You
are love in its totality!
And I say: Do not despair, O Gate of Heaven, because I love them
and I want them to respond to this love with giving.
My children:
Strive to see yourselves as you truly are, and to see the extent of your
Fox. Light from the East—Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
background image
faithfulness in achieving the unity of heart among yourselves.
Adorn yourself with patience and wisdom. Don’t be afraid if you fail.
Stay firm in hope. Trust Me. I will not abandon those who do My
will. As for you, My daughter, be careful, and be armed with
My grace. Be patient, wise, and humble.
Offer up these pains with joy.
I have said to you, Your pains will not last long.
Look to Me. You shall find peace and rest. It is I who strengthen you,
I who desert [throw] you,
and I who pick you up to lead you to the joy of heaven.
Persevere in prayer, and let your fasting be accompanied by medita-
tion and solitude, and you will hear My voice in your heart.
Trust Me. I will not abandon you, your family, or anyone who par-
ticipated with you in My name and for My sake.
Message given to Myrna by Jesus Christ at Soufanieh on November
26 , 2001:
How beautiful is the family whose emblem is unity, love and faith.
Its path is My path and My Mother is its support.
My children, I am bestowing Myself upon you.
The act of adoration, meditation, thanksgiving and spiritual guid-
ance rejoice Me. But the whole is incomplete without your
unity at the altar.
I am giving you My Body and My Blood as a proof of My fidelity
and love. Receive from Me this sacrament with trust and
faith, because this sacrament comforts you, provides you with
strength and wisdom and increases you in grace.
Difficult days are coming. Turmoil within the Church.
He who does not enjoy true peace, will be in danger due to division.
Do not surrender to failure, do not worry about the judgment
of others on you, do not defend yourselves and seek only what I
have prepared for you.
I am the One who takes care of you because you are the work of My
Prove your love to Me, because through love I walk at your side and
through the sacraments I unite Myself to you. And do not forget
that I am the reason of your existence on earth and I am the
reason of your happiness in Heaven.
Chapter 10. Messages from Jesus and Mary 226
background image
(Top) Fr. Elias Zahlaoui with the author at the Virgin’s House before the miracu-
lous Icon. (Bottom) Fr. Zahlaoui holding up an enlarged Icon of Soufanieh for ven-
eration at one of many prayer gatherings. Myrna is beside him.