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— A quarterly publication of the Fatima Family Apostolate —
The Immaculate Heart Mes-
senger is the magazine of the
Fatima Family Apostolate,
canonically established and ap-
proved by the last two Cardinal
Presidents of the Pontifical
Council for the Family and
encouraged by the former and
present Bishop of Fatima.
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First Saturdays
In 45 pages, this unique in-depth study by Fr. Robert J.
Fox—of “First Saturdays for the Triumph of the Immaculate
Heart”—leads readers to appreciate the purpose and spiritual
powers behind
the First Satur-
days of repa-
ration for the
good of the uni-
versal Church
and Christian
Unity. Gives in-
sights most have
not realized. It
covers the ori-
gin, purpose and
power of the Ro-
sary. Also con-
tains the exact
words of the
Collegial Con-
secration of the
World and Rus-
s i a b y P o p e
John Paul II
and the world’s bishops on March 25, 1984; a letter from Sr.
Lucia in 1990 that the Consecration is accomplished;
information on the Fatima Shrine in Russia sponsored by the
Fatima Family Apostolate which brought papal approbation, etc.
“First Saturdays is an inspired work. This important booklet should be
—Br. John Gore , St. John’s Abby , Spencer, Massachusetts
45 pages, FFA $3.00 (plus S&H)
$2 each when ordering 10 or more sent to the same address.
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223 pages, FFA $10.95 (plus S&H)
2000 Year Chronology beginning with New Testament times lead-
ing up to the beginning of the Third Millennium inclusive. Praised by
Mother Angelica of Eternal Word Television Network and reviewed by
Doug Keck on EWTN’s “Bookmark”:
“This great Marian work of Fr. Fox is of untold importance not only
because it portrays a true history of the drama of the Immaculate Heart
seeking to bring human hearts to the Heart of her Son. Most impor-
tantly it is coming to you precisely through the heart of one, both priest
and true son of the Mother, who brings to life this history of Mary by
an animating charity and devotion. . . . You will meet the great histori-
cal heroes of Marian consecration and their models. . . .
“An invaluable Marian labor of truth and love for the benefit of all....”
—Dr. Mark Miravalle, S.T.D.
Mary Through the Ages
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 “New Voice” from Damascus
In the modest district of Soufanieh in Damascus Syria, near
the heart of the place where St. Paul was struck down by a blinding
light from heaven, and there converted and baptized, today in our
own times, new light is shining.
In this book, “Light from the East,” author, Father Robert J.
Fox tells of marvels: exudations of oil, apparitions, ecstasies, messages,
visions, stigmata, bodily and spiritual cures, with doors of a family
open to all.
A light from heaven is shining again - calling all peoples of
the world to unite as one in Jesus Christ. The author relates the call
of heaven for unity, love, holiness in our families as a prerequisite for
Christian Unity. Light from the East has been shining in recent years
ever more brightly at Damascus, its Soufanieh Community at the
Virgin’s House.
There is a great need for both understanding and apprecia-
tion between the East and the West, between Orthodox and Catholic
A testimonial to this book from the East
“Your testimony about Soufanieh bears great significance. It
appears at a crucial time in history. Mary, the Virgin, is the Mother
from the East, whom God chose, excluding all other women, in order
to open locked doors in both the East and the West so as to form
one human family…
“One of the most amiable aspects of this [book] is your dis-
course about the Mother Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh, that is, the
Icon of Our Lady of Kazan upon which the Soufanieh Icon is based.
What you have written has great dimensions, at the Church level, the
ecumenical level and the level of faith in general.”
“I do beseech Our Lord Jesus, with the mediation of Our
Virgin Mother, to make this testimony of your book a new voice to
awaken those who got drowned in the delusion of this world. This
book reflects the sensitivity needed now.”